As a private school, we offers a bus services for pupils to get to and from school.

We hire competitive transportation companies  to oversee this services and to make sure the pupils are able to attend at school regularly also will be taken at his/her homeland.

Please note that the events offices is resiponsible for all communication with regard to the bus services.

There are currently two routes, but expected offered routes from along Bagamoyo areas to near Mbezi Beach, Salasala and Kunduchi  but we are aligible to offer further those places mentioned above.

About time of taking the pupils is friendly accoring  the time table of those routes.

Our transport services is surely at everytime at every moment to make the pupils to feel confortable when to and from at school.

Most welcome.               


Locee pre & primary school is located at a guard and a very safe place with nor disturbances in term of security  because it is well fenced and the security guard is present all the time to make some th students are safe during the class hours  and brake time. In our school the students are not allowed  to go out withiout permission also for these who are not using school buses security is well because we communicate with their parents to know if they reached home without any problem. Also the teachers and other workers has been trained how to solve different insecurity problem in cass it happens.


The school provides hostel service for those who needs whereby we have good hostels for  both girl and boys and its inside the school compound which is secured in fences and security guard is there as well as matron and patron.

We provide the appropriate education to the learners after class hours  with a view of preparing them academically, socially, spatially and  physical  so as to  make  them responsible generation beneficial to the society.

We strive to create safe environment at boarding where students can  have fun while studying themselves.


We take care for the pupil’s health  by providing first aid for those who may get injury  during school time, and  those who could get un health condition before being sent at school.

We insure that, the pupils get health food  which contain balance diet and also we insure  the clean lines of all environments which could accelerate diseases to the pupils.


We follow the food regularity preparation  to ensure that all environment are clean.

Also we follow the food schedule for good health and best diet for the pupils, as well as presence of safe and enough water with delicious fruits.


The school environment is calm and being kept clean with attractive plants i.e  fruits tree and trees for shade.

The classrooms population is 20 to 30 students are provided with text books for each subject.


We understand that every child is different and choosing the right school for your child to attend is an incredibly important decision. At Locee primary school we do our best to be as transparent as possible about the overall experience we offer to pupils.

Our tours are led by experienced school administrators and companies.

Education  is to impact knowledge to pupils, pupils gain knowledge and up grade their skills by using the concept they newly learn. Education tours play an important role in educating students in particular and interesting manner we offer pupils to participate in educational Tours to encourage them in their studies.


Sport is healthy, sports is employment. Knowing these facts,  Locee School  we  offer sports and games to all pupils.Diverse  indoor and outdoor activities Through subject clubs and other social clubs like anti-corruption  club and judiciary club, students get a direct involvement in their  area interest and future carrier.