The School has transport services for day schoolars. The children are picked from home to school bearing one time table agreed between the school and parents.




As a private school, we offers a bus services for pupils to get to and from school.

We hire competitive transportation companies  to oversee this services and to make sure the pupils are able to attend at school regularly also will be taken at his/her homeland.

Please note that the events offices is resiponsible for all communication with regard to the bus services.

There are currently two routes, but expected offered routes from along Bagamoyo areas to near Mbezi Beach, Salasala and Kunduchi  but we are aligible to offer further those places mentioned above.

About time of taking the pupils is friendly accoring  the time table of those routes.

Our transport services is surely at everytime at every moment to make the pupils to feel confortable when to and from at school.

Most welcome.